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    Jun 9

    Do You Have the Happiness Advantage?

    Here's a second question: Would you like to have the happiness advantage? If so, join us as the Houston Business Coach describes how happiness is the key to better business performance and life satisfaction.

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    Jun 16
    Jun 23

    IABC Monthly Luncheon

    A Crisis of Global Proportion: How the CDC Communicated During the Ebola Outbreak

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    From Bedtime to Boardroom — the Power of Storytelling

    From the earliest cave paintings to today’s social media, one thing is certain — human beings have a powerful need to connect and share information. Here are some techniques to help you tap into that need, using classic elements of storytelling to engage employees, heighten performance a...

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    Engaging the Left-Brained Leader

    Engaging the Left-Brained Leader Leadership plays a critical role in the success of any workplace initiative. So if your CEO is “left-brained” — logical, rational, organized — the key to winning his or her support for change is to understand, and tailor your case to suit, his...

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    Responsive Organizations and the New Era of Communications

    In today’s world of hyper-connectivity and rapid change, responsive organizations need employees who are informed, engaged, and prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly fluid and flexible work environment. To thrive in an age where disruption is the norm, companies must have a commun...

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