Do We Look a Little Funny to You?

IABC Houston’s website is now operating on Tendenci 5, Schipul’s new membership and website management platform.

You, as our “customers,” won’t notice much of a difference, but some of our pages will look cleaner, with more white space and improved ease of navigation.

It’s now easier than ever to register for events directly from the online calendar. All of the information is on one page and registration is available at the click of a button. Just select the green registration tab on the right side of each event page.

We also invite you to explore our calendar pages with the nifty color-coded filters, and other updates around the site.

If you’re an entrepreneur (and a member of IABC Houston), you’re entitled to a directory listing which you can customize with your company logo, write-up and even a photo of yourself. And for potential employers, or prospective employees, we hope the job and resume boards will even better meet your needs.

Check out the site, and if you have any questions or problems, be sure to use the contact form or e-mail us directly.

Elaine Krause, IABC Houston President
Author: Elaine Krause, IABC Houston President