Our Long-Range Goals

We're here to serve you!

At IABC Houston, we believe when our members achieve results that the chapter will as well. These goals were designed with you in mind.

Help Houston become a focal point for communication excellence
We’re successfully educating the business community on the value of our profession by developing a high profile for professional communicators to ensure a demand for our skills and by offering strong networking and professional development opportunities.

Make IABC Houston the first place businesses go for communications assistance
We’re developing high visibility for our chapter in the Houston business community by providing consultation to business and civic groups on matters requiring communication expertise and by creating a supportive network of chapter members to serve as a resource to others.

Respond quickly to the changing needs of our members
We’re identifying emerging trends and issues that create new needs among communication professionals. In response, we offer a range of programs that support networking, professional development and satisfy "niche" interests among members.

Provide high-quality communication education to members and non-members
We’re sharpening our focus by regularly surveying members' and non-members' needs and interests, strengthening chapter services through high-quality presentations and seminars.

Value the full participation of members and use the diversity of all members in programming and decision-making

We're widely marketing our seminars, programs, and lunch meetings to ensure a broad audience and diverstity among attendees at our events. We're also actively working to create volunteer and service opportunities for newcomers to the profession and senior communicators alike. 

Demonstrate excellent communications

We’re highlighting communication best practices through our annual Bronze Quill awards program and offering IABC's accredited business communicator certification. This internationally recognized achievement proves a member to be among the best in our profession: highly qualified and ethical. It is respected by clients, employers and peers.